Corporate Giveaways

personalized wall clocks manila philippines started to offer Corporate Giveaways since December 2008. Using website as the storefront, Mypowderblue caters few varieties of corporate giveaways such as wall clocks, eco bags, acrylic key chains and coffee mugs. But as the months passed by, with the growing demand on corporate giveaways from new and returning customers, as of September 2011, here are the corporate giveaways subcategories offered at

Those subcategories of corporate giveaways listed above are offered in limited variety.

personalized travel mugs manila philippines

Before Christmas season 2012, new subcategories are added. New varieties of corporate giveaways are also added on the existing subcategories of corporate giveaways. Here are the new subcategories added before as early as January 2012.

personalized auto mugs travel mugs corporate giveaways manila philippines

And as of this date, April 7, 2014, we added these subcategories of corporate giveaways in official website:

and with a total of 230 products with 888 varieties, Mypowderblue Corporate Giveaways in Manila cater it’s products nationwide through website as it’s official product catalog and price list.



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